Web And Application Development

ETS provides several web-based products for faculty, staff and students at the College of Engineering. This includes official websites for departments and centers, personal profiles for faculty and staff, and online applications including syllabi, major application, graduation, grad-tracking, grad-admissions, awards, undergrad research scholarship, honors portal, funding, and the CSE portal.

In addition, the Web and Application Development team provides guidance for faculty, staff and students to develop their own products and ensure that they meet university policies and guidelines for security and accessibility.


Official department, unit, and center websites using Drupal
Professional Profiles
Self-editable profiles for CoE faculty and staff
Custom tools to support faculty, staff, and students
Digital Accessibility
Making tools accessible for all people
Development Guidance
Meeting university standards for faculty and student development projects

Success Stories

50+ Websites
10+ Applications
500+ Users supported

Lab Site Migration

Over 150 individual faculty and small lab sites were migrated to department sites and profiles, resulting in a significant reduction in server hosting costs.

Wide impact

Web Services developed websites support hundreds of content creators across 50+ sites with hundreds of thousands of impressions a month. 



ETS provides hosting, training, and support for over 50 College of Engineering websites, using a custom Drupal core. The Drupal core includes a theme that meets Ohio State branding and accessibility guidelines. The system empowers editors to easily publish and maintain content that is compliant with university policies, without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

The College of Engineering Drupal core includes a layout system that allows content editors to organize and present material in a way that best suits the needs of their department, center, or unit. This allows for maximum flexibility, while maintaining a common brand identity using the same theme elements. Many of the technical challenges that arise from branding and accessibility compliance are automatically enforced by the theme, allowing editors to focus on their dynamic content.

Documentation for administering and publishing content on College of Engineering Drupal websites can be found in the link below. Also, editors can request help or additional training by creating a support ticket.

College of Engineering Drupal Documentation

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Professional Profiles

ETS provides a self-editable public profile to College of Engineering faculty and staff members. The profile includes an uploaded portrait, link to CV or resume document, external links, and customizable biography and expertise sections.

Profiles are published in the directory of the College of Engineering main website, and can also be syndicated to any department, center or unit where that faculty or staff member is associated.

The profile system offers each person a subset of the editing suite that is available to website content editors, allowing a large amount of flexibility while still being easy to use. In addition, a profile owner can delegate editing access to a supporting staff member.

The profile theme is built to integrate with the College of Engineering Drupal theme, maintaining university brand identity for all profiles that appear in the directory of college, department, center, or unit websites.

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ETS provides custom web applications to support College of Engineering faculty, staff, and student needs, including:

  • Submission and evaluation of faculty and alumni awards.
  • Management of College of Engineering course information.
  • Submission and processing of applications for College of Engineering majors.
  • Submission and processing of applications to graduate.
  • Evaluation of applications for graduate programs.
  • Storing information on graduate students.
  • Submission and tracking of honors contract for Engineering Honors students.
  • Submission and evaluation of application for undergrad research scholarships.
  • Multiple applications for Computer Science and Engineering, including student tracking, transfer credit processing, and teaching evaluations.

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Digital Accessibility

Digital Accessibility is the process of making digital products, such as websites, apps, online learning content, and any other online tools, accessible to all people regardless of ability or disability. 

ETS provides guidance and consultation for all online content created for the College of Engineering. If you are currently or plan to be involved in creating any digital content for the college, please visit the link below.

Digital Accessibility Guide

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Development Guidance

Web and application development is an important aspect of the work done by the faculty, staff, and students at the College of Engineering. As part of this development, every website and application developed has to meet certain requirements to be released or published.

ETS provides guidance and consultation for all web and application development created for the College of Engineering. If you are currently developing or plan to develop websites or applications for the college, please visit the link below.

Whether you are an experienced developer writing code and looking for help making sure you are compliant, a non-technical staff member wanting some help automating a workflow in Office 365, or wondering what the best tool for to fulfill a need you have might be, ETS can help provide you with expert advice.

Web and Application Development Guide

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