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Engineering Technology Services provides access to many pieces of key software via our COE Virtual Desktop service, which allows students and instructors to access applications from almost any internet-connected device.

COE Virtual Desktop is secure and convenient, allowing access without requiring a VPN and across many of your devices. Applications and desktops are run on high-performance systems through high bandwidth networks, ensuring a quality experience for both instructors and students that supports education. 


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Connecting with Windows

Connecting to Virtual Desktop using the client requires Windows 10 or higher.

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Connecting with MacOS

Connecting to Virtual Desktop with the latest client requires MacOS 10.15 Catalina or higher. See "troubleshooting" below for older clients.

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Connecting with iPad

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Connecting via Web

For operating systems and devices not covered in other instructions above, the COE Virtual Desktop will work in most HTML5 capable browsers, including on most Android devices and Linux distributions. This can also be used if you are unable to complete any of the other options.

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