Servers, Storage, & Networking

Engineering Technology Services works hard to provide world class infrastructure to support the academic and research foundations the College of Engineering relies on to innovate and excel worldwide.

Server Hosting

Engineering Technology Services maintains a secured area within the State of Ohio Computer Center (SOCC). Within our co-location space, ETS can host physical servers related to the research needs of the College of Engineering. As well, existing virtual infrastructure can be leveraged to host servers for academic and research needs.

Request Virtual Server Hosting
Request Physical Server Hosting

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Network Services

Engineering Technology Services provisions and maintains the College of Engineering Network (CoE-Net) for all CoE faculty, staff, students, and guests. We provide an 80Gb backbone with a minimum of 10Gb bandwidth to each CoE building. ETS can assist with port activations due to office moves and can provide quotes to add more ports per room.

Request Existing Network Port Activation
Request Additional Network Connectivity

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Enterprise Storage

Engineering Technology Services offers robust on-premise central storage for Mac, Windows, and Linux users. Shared folders can be created to allow secure collaborative access to academic and research files.

Office 365 - OneDrive for Business
Request Access to Computational Scratch Space
Request a New Windows or Linux File Share

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Backup Solutions

Engineering Technology Services can assist you with restoring files from our Enterprise Storage. As well, Code42 Crashplan is available for installation on most College of Engineering computers for backup of local laptop/desktop files.

Request File/Folder Restoration from Backup
Request Code42 Crashplan Installation

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DNS Requests

Engineering Technology Services can help you secure a new domain name or vanity name for an existing server, service, or website.

Request a Vanity Name for an Existing Public Facing Device/Service
Request a New Domain Name for a Server/Service

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