Computing Devices & Software

Engineering Technology Services manages every step in the hardware and software lifecycle for College of Engineering devices. ETS also offers an array of loaner and virtual device programs.

Computer Moves & Imaging

Engineering Technology Services can help move your devices to a new office or building if your location or position is changing. We can also wipe and reimage devices for use by new staff, faculty, and student employees to ensure the best experience and most up-to-date software.

Request Computer Relocation
Request a Computer Reimage
Review Hardware Specifications

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Software Installations and Purchase Requests

Software outside of the standard offerings might be needed to complete job duties, academic tasks, or research activities. Engineering Technology Services will work with you to install OSU owned and licensed software or to purchase and install the appropriate packages to complete your work.  ETS is responsible for software licensing auditing and therefore, must be aware of all software purchases.

Find Available Software from ETS
Request Software Installation on an ETS Managed Device
Labview Request for Personal Device
Solidworks Request for Personal Device
Request Approval for a Software Purchase

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Secure, high performance virtual desktops and applications are available to certain academic and research programs within the College of Engineering. These applications and desktops are accessible via OSU owned and personal devices.

Review Citrix Access Instructions
Request a Citrix Desktop for Research

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Loaner Devices

Across the College of Engineering, we understand that faculty may come across unexpected situations that cause computer downtime, new graduate students or visiting scholars may arrive but are unable to acquire a computer in time for their first day, or a ‘clean’ device may be needed for travel purposes.

Request a Loaner Laptop
Request a Loaner Tablet

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