Communication & Collaboration

Engineering Technology Services in partnership with OCIO acts as stewards and provides support for Enterprise Communication & Collaboration tools.

BuckeyeBox Group Folders

OSU students, employees, and guests can utilize BuckeyeBox cloud storage. Shared collaboration folders are available in the College's BuckeyeBox account for groups to save and share files more efficiently, while protecting from loss of access when an individual separates from the University and has been sharing from their own account. BuckeyeBox files are versioned and and can even be edited with tools such as Word Online.

Request a BuckeyeBox Group Folder
Request BuckeyeBox File Restoration

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Microsoft Teams

OSU students, employees, and guests are licensed for Microsoft Teams messaging and collaboration software. Microsoft Teams allows people to chat, share files, and share OneNote notebooks. Other Office365 tools, e.g. Planner, can also be integrated into Teams.

Review Microsoft Teams Etiquette
Request Microsoft Teams Installation

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Qualtrics Survey Tools

OSU students, employees, and guests are eligible to create surveys using the University’s site license for Qualtrics. Engineering Web Services staff can assist with advanced Qualtrics survey initiatives.

Log into Qualtrics
Revew Qualtrics Training Materials
Request Assistance with a Qualtrics Survey

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File Shares

Engineering Technology Services offers robust on-premise central storage for Mac, Windows, and Linux users. Shared folders can be created to allow secure collaborative access to academic and research files.

Office 365 - OneDrive for Business
Request Access to a Windows File Share
Request Access to a Linux File Share

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Email Services

Engineering Technology Services can help you get speciality accounts created within the University Email Service. ETS can assist in obtaining student accounts for work, i.e. Name.#S, so student employees don't have to use their Buckeyemail address and can access organizational accounts for teams, groups, functions, etc.

Request a Name.# S Account
Request an Organizational Mailbox

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Zoom (a.k.a., CarmenZoom)

OSU has a site license for Zoom Web and Video Conferencing. Zoom can scale up to 100 participants per meeting and deliver exceptional audio and video quality.

Request CarmenZoom Installation
Review CarmenZoom Documentation

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Telephone Services

Request a New Line
Request Migration to Skype

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