Accounts & Access

The College of Engineering synchronizes all of its accounts with the University’s name.# account system, available at Your Engineering user account can be used to access: files, virtual & physical computing labs, printers, etc.

Account Creation & Termination

Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Staff, and Faculty at The Ohio State University who are affiliated with the College of Engineering have their accounts and most of their access entitlements enabled and disabled as their affiliation with the University begins, changes, or terminates. Additions or modifications to automatic access entitlements are possible by submitting a Service Request with detailed information.

Request an Account to Access College of Engineering Technology Resources
Request an Account with Access to College of Engineering Resources be Terminated

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Guest Accounts

There are (2) types of Guest Accounts available for request. Internal Guest Accounts are appropriate for users who are already affiliated with The Ohio State University and need to collaborate or purchase services from the College of Engineering. External Guest Accounts are designed for users who work at outside institutions or corporations and currently hold no affiliation with The Ohio State University. External Guest Accounts require (2) sponsors to be approved.

Request an Internal Guest Account for OSU Affiliates to Access CoE Resources
Request an External Guest Account for non-OSU Affiliates

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File Share & Printer Access

Engineering Technology Services maintains Access Control Lists (ACLs) for various file and printing resources across the College of Engineering. Some access entitlements are automatically provisioned based on course enrollment or department affiliation. Other resources may need to be requested ad hoc. When requesting access to a printer or file share resource, please include the name of one of the following: Faculty Advisor, Supervisor, Course Instructor.

Request Access to a Windows or Linux File Share
Request Access to a College/Departmental Network Printer

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Administrative Access

In accordance with standards and best practices, all accounts provisioned for College of Engineering students, employees, and affiliates are standard user accounts. If you require administrative access to a system in order to complete your research or job duties, per The Ohio State University ISCR DAT 2.2.2, you will need to submit a request outlining your needs and justification. If approved, a name.#A account will be created for you and can be leveraged as needed to elevate permissions. Administrative accounts have stronger password requirements – 15 character minimum and 90 day expiration – and cannot be controlled via the portal.

Request Administrative Access to a Single User Device
Request Administrative Access to a Lab/Group Device

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Lab Access

The College of Engineering has many labs, classrooms, and conference rooms where logon may be restricted by course, major, or minor program affiliation. Please, when requesting logon access, provide the following: Academic Program Affiliation, Faculty Advisor Approval, Supervisor Approval.

Request Logon Access to a CoE Computer Lab or Classroom

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Remote Access

Engineering Technology Services maintains a secure perimeter around the CoE Network to help keep you and your data safe. However, remote access can be provided to internal and private CoE computer systems, servers, and storage. The only prerequisite is establishing a connection via Pulse VPN.
Request Remote Access to CoE Managed Computers
Review VPN Documentation

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