Web & Application Services

The College of Engineering provides Drupal based websites for college units and labs to help inform the public about our programs and research, provide information to potential grantors and students, and market the resources and faculty of the College.

New Websites

All College of Engineering websites are based on Drupal, which provides us with a flexible feature set and easy to use interface. Our websites are hosted on Pantheon, a cloud-based hosting service that provides us with redundancy and geo-locational optimized serving for optimal speed and reliability.

We are currently not accepting new website requests.

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Website Manager and Editor Training

ETS provides video-based training for using Drupal, as well as more direct support for any website-use related questions.

Request Website Manager and Editor Training

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Website Removal

If you are not using your website, or the unit/program/lab it represents has ended, please contact us to have the site archived and removed.

Request Website Removal

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Existing Website Modifications

If you have a request for a new feature for your website, you can submit a request for evaluation and possible development.

Request Modifications to an Existing Website

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Email: etshelp@osu.edu

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