Digital Innovation and Media Studio

Digital Photography/Portrait Photography

Photo of setting up video camera for shoot

Film and Videography (DSLR & Sony4k)

  • Instructional Film
  • Video Module creation 
  • Interviews
  • Shorts/Skits
  • Post film editing in Adobe Premiere

Photo of studio lighting apparatus

Professional lighting elements

  • Full range of multifunctional studio lights for professional quality film work
  • Manuel Controllers that offer a wide variety of lighting options 

    Photo of a podcast recording

    Audio Recording Apparatuses

    • Studio Microphone 
    • Mounted Shotgun Mics 
    • Yeti Microphone 
    • Annotation, voice over, professional film audio 
    • Post audio editing using adobe audition

    Photo of professional sound mixer


    Microsoft Surface

    • On screen drawing/Illustration
    • PowerPoint Narrations
    • Design capabilities 
    • Epic Pen 

    Photo of designer drawing on Surface Studio Pro

    AR/VR Station

    • Potential for designing and drafting in VR environments 
    • Viewing VR designed materials through AR environments

    Photograph of writing on lightboard

    Light Board 

    • Instructional Videos
    • Modules for Carmen 
    • Online lectures 


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