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College of Engineering High Speed Network

Interdisciplinary Academics and Research

The College of Engineering is a large interdisciplinary organization with the goal of providing a distinctive and enabling environment for teaching, learning, discovery, innovation and creative expression that transforms and enriches individuals and society.  Achieving this goal requires a unique and tailored network infrastructure to enable open collaboration between research centers and departments across the college, while insuring a robust security framework protects college faculty, staff, students and intellectual property in today's high risk interconnected life.  

High Speed Science Network

To enable interdisciplinary academics and research in a data intensive science domain, the college has invested in a consolidated fiber based network that provides high availability and high data bandwidth within the college.  The central College of Engineering network backbone provides high bandwidth, low latency, 40 Gbit fiber connectivity between large academic departments, advanced research centers and our core infrastructure, where the most demanding compute and storage intensive applications reside.  A new college firewall connected to the OSU main campus network provides security at the perimeter of the college, enabling interdisciplinary collaboration between departments and centers that was not possible only a few years ago. The plan includes DMZ environments for systems that provide services to external entities, and separate segmented networks for fundamental and restricted research projects that meet NIST 800-171 security controls.  All College of Engineering managed workstations will route through the college network, and all intra-­network communication will stay on the college network as well.  University wireless is provided across the college for connecting personal devices and a college Virtual Private Network (VPN) can provide encrypted, multifactor authentication access to college resources. 

Network diagram of the College of Engineering High Speed Science Network