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College of Engineering High Speed Network

Current State

Currently, the College of Engineering is comprised of at least 25 different networks behind 25 different firewalls. Each firewall connects to the OSU main campus network. These networks have unique public IP address spaces routed by the OSU main campus network. Additionally, there are at least four segregated student lab networks behind four of the 25 firewalls, all of which use unique public IP address spaces. Private 10 net IP space is used behind a few firewalls for equipment management, private server segments (i.e. vMotion, iSCSI, and alike), some VPN, and printer networks.

Communication between the 25 networks traverses the OSU main campus network.

Future state

In the future, the College of Engineering will have a consolidated network to provide support for all areas.  The network consolidation plan calls for the connection of all the current College of Engineering networks to a central College of Engineering network backbone. Additionally, there will be a central College firewall connected to the OSU main campus network providing security for the data center servers. The plan will eliminate most of the 25 firewalls with a few internal firewalls maintained in highly secure areas. Most College workstations will use unique public IP address spaces with the additional option of private 10 Net for student lab areas.  All workstations will route through the College of Engineering network and all College of Engineering intra-­network communication will stay on the College network.

High Speed Network