Policy for System Asset Administration

Applies to: College of Engineering Faculty, Staff, Students, departments, centers, administrative units, affiliated entities, agents, suppliers/contractors, volunteers, and all others working with College of Engineering assets.


All information and system assets of The Ohio State University (“University” or “OSU” in this document) are subject to the policies and control requirements of the University. All information and systems assets of The College of Engineering (“College” or “COE” in this document) at The Ohio State University are subject to the policies and control requirements of the College. Any information or system asset may also be subject to external control requirements if they are bound by contract or subject to regulation.

The College of Engineering provides Engineering Technology Services (ETS) as a management service for the system assets of the College and the information assets they contain. To provide this service, ETS provides a set of standardized offerings and controls to manage the assets. By default, all system assets in the College are managed under these standardized offerings. If there is a business need, the standard offering may be tailored to meet the needs of the asset. For those rare cases where the business needs of an asset are compromised by the ETS management service, it may be necessary for the asset to be self-managed by the asset’s custodian.

There are no “unmanaged” assets in the College. 


Category: Compliance

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