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Policy for Drupal Web Service File Storage

Applies to: College of Engineering Faculty, Staff and Students

Authored 21-Jul-2021

Policy Summary

By using the College of Engineering (CoE) provided Drupal websites, content creators implicitly agree to abide by the restrictions for allowed file types and sizes and not to intentionally attempt to bypass these restrictions. Attempts to bypass these restrictions are grounds for removal of access. Content creators also implicitly agree to other limits, terms, and conditions as listed in this policy.

Allowed File Types

To prevent potential security, performance, and liability issues, only files of the following types may be uploaded to Engineering Technology Services (ETS) provided Drupal websites:

  • Audio Files:
    • mp3
    • wav
    • aac
  • Document Formats:
    • txt
    • pdf
    • doc/docx
    • ppt/pptx
  • Image/Photo Sphere formats:
    • png
    • gif (non-animated)
    • jpg/jpeg
  • Video Backgrounds:
    • mp4

All files should match their final extension types. Files found to have an extension type added to bypass restrictions will be removed. Executable files and executable code uploaded will also be removed.

File Size Limits

To ensure performant websites, the following size limitations are put into place on all uploads.

  • Audio File: 8 MB
  • Document: 20 MB
  • Image: 8 MB
  • Photo Sphere: 32 MB
  • Video Background: 8 MB

Other Limits, Terms, and Conditions for Drupal Storage

Security and Compliance

Virus Scanning

All uploaded files are scanned for viruses upon upload and will be rejected if a virus is found. Intentionally uploading malicious files is grounds for removal of access and potential disciplinary action.

Data Categorization

Files uploaded to ETS Provided Drupal websites are meant for public consumption, and thus should be limited to S1 data classification according to the Ohio State University Institutional Data Policy. Files uploaded with higher security level data will be removed, and the incident will be reported to ETS Security and Compliance. Related Link:

Appropriate Use

Files and Media uploaded to or embedded on ETS provided Drupal websites should be in support of the content of the website and its pages, and the mission of the College of Engineering and The Ohio State University. Personal materials or materials unrelated to this should not be uploaded/embedded onto the websites.

Research Materials

Due to the volatility of content and web links, and the availability of more appropriate and long term maintainable and stable alternatives, research material and materials in support of published research should not be housed on ETS provided Drupal websites.

Class Materials

Materials for OSU academic classes should be housed in and distributed through the Carmen/Canvas system. Materials for public courses and seminars should be housed in and distributed through the Scarlet/Canvas system.

Personal Profiles

Personal Profiles are provided to all faculty, staff, graduate associates, and PhD students, with full file upload ability.


Videos for these profiles may be of a more personal nature, and thus may be of topics and contexts other than directly related to the mission of the College and the University.

Inappropriate or Offensive Materials

Inappropriate or offensive materials will be removed and is grounds for removal of access and potential disciplinary action. External Materials Media obtained from other websites should not be used unless the user or OSU has obtained permission or license to use said materials. Media should use attribution fields to attribute the creators of the materials whenever possible.


All ETS provided Drupal websites provide the tools to meet Ohio State University Minimum Accessibility standards, which are defined as WCAG 2.1 AA.

Audio Files

Audio files must provide appropriate text transcripts available in the body of the embedding page, via download link, or upon request. In the case of illustrative audio, surrounding text must provide contextual explanatory text of the content of the audio for screen readers Related Link: .


Documents should be created to meet the accessibility standards of the University. Related Link: .

Images and Photo Spheres

Uploaded images must have descriptive and informative alt-text provided upon upload or added post-upload, and/or contextual description in the surrounding text if illustrative of the text of the page.

Remote Video

Non-background embedded Remote Video must provide captioning as required. In the case of illustrative videos that contain insufficient audio equivalent explanation within them, surrounding text must provide contextual explanatory text of the content of the video for screen readers. Related Link:

Video Backgrounds

Video Backgrounds should be used for decoration and not used for conveyance of information.

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