IT News You Can Use - February 5


Did You Know…

On Friday, January 19th, as part of ongoing work to improve security, accessibility, and maintainability, the College of Engineering Intranet website was retired. All relevant information has been relocated to the main college website, under the "For Faculty/Staff" menu. Please see this spreadsheet for a breakdown of previous and current intranet page locations.

Accessibility Tips and Tricks

Digital Accessibility Coffee Hours have been booming! Thanks to the great questions being asked, the ETS web team and Digital Accessibility Coordinator have made updates and additions to the Digital Accessibility webpages. One to note would be the Drupal Accessibility Guidelines. There is a plethora of new knowledge and guidance so be sure to check it out! 

Digital accessibility is a critical part of the College of Engineering’s path towards Inclusive Excellence. In June of last year, a mandate was given by the Provost and communicated to College Deans that all public facing websites and their content must be compliant with the University’s Digital Accessibility Policy and Minimum Digital Accessibility Standards by June 2024. All content on College of Engineering websites will need to be audited to either retire, relink, refactor, or remediate for accessibility. Resources have been added to the ETS Digital Accessibility pages including how-to guides, external resources, and links to BuckeyeLearn courses related to digital accessibility. As you move forward, please remember that we are here to help guide you through this process throughout the coming months. If you have accessibility questions not addressed by the resources found on the ETS site or questions about migration to another service, please contact ETS by sending an email to

Upcoming Work and Projects

Beginning Friday, February 9th at 8:00 P.M., customers will be required to use the [] URL to connect to the Restricted profile on the Ivanti VPN client. Instructions on how to add this connection to your Ivanti client can be found on our Wiki. Customers may add and use this connection at any time prior to February 9th.

Beginning in the last half of February, OTDI will start transitioning College of Engineering phone lines away from Skype and to Teams for calling. After the transition, all calls to your 10 digit OSU phone number will come through Microsoft Teams. Even though Skype remains the tool required for 10 digit calls for now, you do currently have the ability to make Teams to Teams calls to those internal to the University.

The transition will take several weeks to complete all lines in Engineering. Two weeks before your scheduled migration date, be on the lookout for an email from OTDI. One week in advance of your migration, ETS will send you a reminder.


  • Once Teams 10-digit calling is enabled, Skype will no longer be accessible. In preparation for the change, any departments/users currently utilizing Skype for instant messaging/chat are highly encouraged to transition to Teams for all IM/chat as soon as possible while remaining logged into Skype for 10-digit calling.

Due to accessibility mandate compliance, old hardware, and the duplication of services provided by Engineering or the University, the ECE/CSE web-hosting environment will be decommissioned on May 31, 2024. Any sites currently hosted on these environments must be migrated by the content owner to new hosting environments by May 31, 2024. Please note all external facing websites must meet accessibility requirements as stated above.