IT News You Can Use - August 21

Posted: August 21, 2023

Did You Know?

We know you want the best learning experience for your students, and you might be tempted to try out free online tools or networking sites. Many free tools involve a clickthrough agreement or other statement that require you to agree to terms and conditions. Please be aware you are not legally allowed to accept these types of agreements as an employee of Ohio State. You should only be using supported and vetted tools available university wide or through your college or department.


Windows machines in the College of Engineering receive monthly updates, tested in advance by ETS. Starting on ‘Release Wednesday’, you will receive notifications that “Software changes are required”. If you do not take action to install the updates, you will continue to be notified periodically. When the install deadline is reached, the updates will automatically start installing. After the updates finish installing, you will receive a “Restart required” notification and the 24-hour restart countdown begins. More information about patching and deadlines is available on our wiki page for COE Monthly Updates.

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