IT News You Can Use - February 6

Posted: February 6, 2023

Did You Know?

A recent update to CrowdStrike, one of our university level cybersecurity tools, changed its behavior with USB media.  When you attach a “thumb drive” or the like, CrowdStrike will now scan the entire device before making it available for use.  In a limited number of cases, it has been reported that scanning can take several minutes, depending on the amount of information present and the age of the device.  If you find the scanning inhibits your ability to work, please open a ticket with ETS by one of the methods listed below.  We are monitoring the situation, but require user reports to identify the scope of the impact. 

Accessibility Tips and Tricks

Have questions about creating digitally accessible content but can’t make it to a Digital Accessibility Coffee Hour?  No problem!  If you are in need of an accessibility consultation, simply request one through our Accessibility Consultation Request link.