IT News You Can Use - January 30

Posted: January 30, 2023

Accessibility Tips and Tricks

A friendly reminder from your Digital Accessibility Coordinator to make sure any new content being added to your website is compliant with Ohio State University Digital Accessibility Standards.  

Upcoming Work

Linux Updates for ETS Managed Systems

On Wednesday, February 1st at 10:00 P.M., ETS will start the process that updates all COE Linux systems managed by ETS.

·         The process will take some time and will run overnight. We do not expect the update process to cause interruptions, but we recommend that you save any open documents before the update process begins.


On Thursday, February 2nd at 7:15 A.M., ETS will begin rebooting all COE Linux systems managed by ETS.

·         Please save your work and logoff before the reboot process begins to avoid losing any unsaved work.


Please ensure that any Linux systems you, or a group you manage uses, are powered on before February 1st to ensure they are updated and rebooted.


If you encounter any issues on your Linux system(s) after 9:00 A.M. on Thursday, February 2nd, please submit an ETS ticket at  In the ticket description, please note that it's a Linux system, the hostname of the system, and its location (if known), and someone will assist you as soon as they are available.


Windows Update for Select ETS Managed Systems

On Wednesday, February 1st – A portion of ETS managed Windows devices will be reconfigured to enable sign-in to all Microsoft 365 applications (OneDrive, Teams, Word, etc.) with OSU ("") accounts as opposed to a account. Upon restarting any of the M365 applications, users will receive notification / sign-in prompt(s) on affected devices.  In some cases, you may be prompted to sign-in to these applications (OneDrive, Teams, Word, etc.) after the machine has rebooted. 


In some instances, Microsoft Teams will need to be reinstalled.  Affected devices will receive a notification like the one below and the application can be immediately re-installed from Software Center.  


Not all systems are impacted by this change.  If your device is updated, you can expect to see one or both of the following notifications appear in the system tray (bottom right corner of your screen):

teams notification

Figure 2 – Teams Re-installation Prompt
sign instructions for office 365
Figure 1 Completion Notification


Below are some examples of the notifications and sign-in prompts you will see when asked to sign-in to Microsoft 365 applications (OneDrive, Teams, Word, etc.) with your OSU ("") account. 


Figure 4 - Word, Excel, etc. Account Prompt with Sign in Link
Figure 4 - Word, Excel, etc. Account Prompt with Sign in Link
Figure 3 - OneDrive Login
   Figure 3 - OneDrive Login