IT News You Can Use - August 29

Posted: August 29, 2022

Did You Know?

The new University-wide virtual desktop tool allows instructors and students to access a select set of software on any device as long as they have internet access.  This cloud access will enable extended use of these software applications for students outside of physical lab spaces and allows instructors to provide the same coursework for both in-person and remote learning.  The College of Engineering was a pioneer in this area having offered this service to Engineering students for several years, which really helped the transition to virtual learning during the pandemic.  In Autumn 2021, ETS partnered with OTDI to offer an expanded pilot program to Ohio State Lima and the College of Arts and Sciences.  The feedback from the expanded pilot was overwhelmingly positive, which helped pave the way for this solution to be offered University wide for the Autumn 2022 semester. 

Please note, while this expansion makes general software available to the entire OSU student population, COE faculty and students will continue to access the Engineering virtual offering which offers specialized software required for their courses not found on the University service.  See the COE Virtual Desktop page . 

Accessibility Tips and Tricks

 Did you know all software used by the College of Engineering must go through a digital accessibility audit?  This includes open source (free) software as well. To learn more about the audit process, contact us via the ETS Service Portal.