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* Information on how to access College of Engineering computer resources from remote locations can be found in these pages

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This page is intended to provide the most useful and up-to-date information for the College of Engineering as the university transitions to online instruction. More information will be added here as it becomes available.

Remote access/VPN

MacOS guides for remote access/VPN

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Top 5 tips for online recording

  1. Increase recording processing speeds in Zoom by recording locally
    • Use the “record locally” option in Zoom, which will save the files to a folder you specify. This eliminates the long processing times we’ve been seeing from the Zoom Cloud (Zoom Help Center article).
    • Note: Recording locally eliminates the automatic transcript feature hosted by Zoom; therefore, this is not a good option if you need that transcription service.
    • To disseminate the recording to students, first upload it to Mediasite, then embed the video into a CarmenCanvas course.
  2. Zoom Live Class Microphone Tip (Zoom Help Center article)
    • Ask everyone to mute their microphones (or as the host click “mute all”).
    • Press and hold the space bar on the keyboard to temporarily unmute to speak in a Zoom meeting.
  3. Changing Time Zones in CarmenCanvas (
    • For students who have moved into a different time zone, they can update their local time zone settings within CarmenCanvas (Canvas help document).
    • This will automatically update the due dates from Eastern Time to their local time (i.e. Due time of 5pm Eastern will display as 4pm Central).
  4. CarmenCanvas Upload Limits (
    • To avoid maxing out CarmenCanvas data upload limits, instructors should upload their videos to Mediasite, then embed them into the Canvas course.
  5. Mediasite desktop recording (
    • Mediasite is a fantastic desktop recorder; however, it will not work with iOS Catalina. If you are running Catalina, Zoom is recommended.
    • If instructors have many recordings, they can create a Mediasite Channel and share one link with students and tell them the title of the lecture. This eliminates the need to embed multiple recordings, but it can be more confusing for some students.
    • Double-check the Mediasite settings to ensure permissions are set to “everyone” and videos are “unlocked.”
    • Mediasite uses a higher video quality than Zoom.

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Additional information

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Free and reduced-cost internet options

While Ohio State does not promote or endorse any specific vendor, College of Engineering students may find some of the options being offered by internet service providers helpful. A list of companies offering specials can be found here.

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Virtual Event Toolkit

Resources and how-to's to help you plan and hold successful virtual events.

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