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The page contains information on resources that can enhance research collaboration and research laboratory management.

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  • Collaboration Services These allow research team members to work together both on and off campus.
  • Endpoint Selection The hardware requirements for a laptop, office desktop, or workstation that will be purchased using OSU funds and maintained by ETS.
  • Lights-out Computing Maximize remote accessibility and management and minimize downtime through the use of standard configuration servers in college server rooms.
  • Instrumentation Control Support the specialized needs of laboratory instrument control computers.
  • HPC Resources There are several ways to access high performance computing resources at the university.
  • Software Resources The university and the college have license and distribution agreements for dozens of applications used in engineering research.
  • Pulse VPN Service A college service that enables access to resources like Remote Desktop, SSH, and storage services.
  • Additional Resources From The Ohio State University

Collaboration Services

  • CarmenZoom The OSU-licensed version of the video-conferencing platform Zoom.
  • Microsoft Teams This service can act as a nexus for research team collaboration. It includes chat, video conferencing, file storage, Office 365 plugins, (Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, et al), and Microsoft Planner for project management.
  • Office 365 - OneDrive for Business Over the next year this will replace Box as the university's cloud data storage system.
  • File Shares ETS manages a high-capacity, high-performance storage system that can provide both Linux and Windows file shares for research computing. Since all workstations in a research group can access a group file share, it allows groups to consolidate data and code for better data sharing and management. Research faculty and staff can request this storage as both a free-tier and subscription service.

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Lights-out Computing

The COVID pandemic, high demand for building floor space, and cost recovery for electric power encourage researchers and support staff to consider the location and remote accessibility of computing hardware. Research computing hardware like compute servers should be located in one of three locations: The State of Ohio Computing Center, Dreese Labs 8th floor server room, or Scott Lab server room.

Research faculty and staff can request assistance with the specification, purchase, and installation of compute server equipment.

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Endpoint Selection

Our mission is to provide strong computing support for thousands of researchers and students in CoE. One way we are able to do this is by requiring the following for the purchase of new desktop/workstation systems:

  • A minimum three year warranty, although four years is preferable.
  • A motherboard with a Trusted Platform Module, (TPM), or some other hardware-native mechanism that allows for hard drive encryption without the need for an additional password on boot.
  • A hardware configuration that is compatible with ETS Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoint management systems.
  • No “whitebox” computer builds.

In the case of re-purposed equipment, ETS might not require that a warranty be in place. For example, a good-condition laptop with an expired warranty might be acceptable as a graduate student device. All other requirements for new purchases apply to re-purposed laptops, desktops, and tablets.

Research faculty and staff can request assistance with the specification, purchase, and installation of laptop, desktop, and workstation computers.

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Instrumentation Control

Instrumentation control computers pose special challenges that ETS can help address.

  • Licensing arrangements for security support of Windows 7 computers.
  • Special arrangements for Windows security patch scheduling.
  • Configuration of bastion/jump host computers to allow indirect, secure access to instrument computers that cannot be updated to supported Windows or Linux operating systems releases.

Research faculty and staff can request assistance with configuration of these services.

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HPC Resources

HPC is available to college researchers in several forms.

  • On-premises computing on hardware purchased by the research group. Depending on the application, servers and other hardware can be installed at the three server room areas used by the college.
  • The Ohio Supercomputer Center provides HPC cluster computing services in addition to research data storage, machine and deep learning, and consultation services.
  • Ohio State Amazon Web Services is available to researchers. The OSU-AWS partnership provides for integrated billing, a discount on services, and on-campus consultation with a dedicated team of AWS professionals.

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Software Resources

Refer to this list of popular site-licensed software that includes instructions on how to request installation.

For other software titles, please submit a request for service.

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Pulse VPN Service

MacOS guides for remote access/VPN

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* Information on how to access College of Engineering computer resources from remote locations can be found in these pages

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