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IT Service Support is home to the Tier 1 and Tier 2 IT support staff that service the College of Engineering. We are your one-stop shop for any technology support needs, and the first people you will encounter when you contact Engineering Technology Services. We provide direct support to over 1300 Faculty and Staff, and over 8500 students, triaging an average of 1400 support tickets per month. Our services include everything from ordering and preparing equipment for onboarding faculty and staff, to daily computer maintenance and computing lab support. Together, we are here to advance the mission of the University and the success of our Faculty, Staff, and Students, through the use of current and emerging technologies that aid in all facets of operations within the College.


A student in a lecture hall looks forward while typing on a laptop computer. More students can be seen seated in the background.
Client Services
Academic Offices, Business Offices, and Research Labs Support
Computer monitors, mice and keyboards lined up in a classroom lab.
Labs and Classrooms
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Facilities And Asset Management

Success Stories

Points of Pride

1,300 Faculty and Staff Supported
8,500 Students Supported
1,400 Support Tickets Per Month
Students use desktop computers in an academic computer lab

"Kerry was excellent in working on my request. He went above and beyond in my opinion to help resolve the issue which was something that made a direct impact on my ability to efficiently do my work." – K.V.

"My request was very quickly resolved. I was immediately registered to the appropriate resources I needed, and given clear instructions on what was required of me as well as who else I needed to contact. I was then swiftly able to get what I needed in order to be on my way." – Z.M.

"Jerry was exceptionally patient, understanding and empathetic. Fantastic experience with Jerry." J.L.

"As always, my experience with ETS was excellent. It seems like all of my issues arise right before I have an appointment scheduled, and I always hear back within minutes of submitting a request. I appreciate the help so much!" – K.W.

Client Services

Client Services supports the users and endpoint computing devices within the College of Engineering by providing exemplary customer service and establishing healthy, professional relationships with college faculty and staff. To facilitate a personalized approach to support, Client Services is divided into three teams: East, West, and Research.

The East and West teams support academic and business offices on main campus and Don Scott Airport (DSA).

The East team, located in Smith Lab, supports the following departments: BME, CBE, DSA, EJTC, MAE, MSE.

The West team, located in Hitchcock Hall, supports the following departments: CEG, CSE, ECE, ISE, KSA. Support for Engineering Administration and EED is shared by both East and West teams.

The Research team, with offices in CAR and ESL, supports research related technology needs across the College including main and west campus as well as the Aerospace Research Center (ARC) at Don Scott Airport.

Teaching, Learning, and Employee Resources

Research Resources

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Labs and Classrooms

ETS supports around 100 labs and classrooms throughout the College of Engineering.  This team supports over 2,500 computers in the various educational spaces around the College. In addition to hardware, we also manage the software licensing used in these spaces.


CoE Virtual Desktop

Academic Computing Labs

Hardware Recommendations For Students

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ETS supports a variety of audio/visual equipment for the College of Engineering classrooms and conference rooms, including projectors, screens, webcams, and audio devices. Many of our rooms have been updated to accommodate hybrid teaching and learning technologies.

Get Help With AV Equpment

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Facilities And Asset Management

The Facilities And Asset Managment team is responsible for the ETS computing facilities and College of Engineering IT infrastructure.  This includes management of multiple data centers as well as the cage at SOCC and all data cabling infrastructure.

The team is also responsible for asset management of all COE IT computing devices, including inventory,  tagging of capital assets, tracking the custodian and location of said assets, and seeing to it that they are disposed of properly. 

Faculty/Staff Equipment Configurations

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Contact Us

Phone: (614) 688-2828


Virtual Helpdesk: (opens Zoom)
  M-F 9:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M.
  M-F 1:00 P.M.-4:00 P.M.

Service Desk Locations:
  1012 Smith Lab
  244 Hitchcock Hall

Business Hours:
  M-F 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.

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