Instructional Design Services

What do Instructional Designers do?

  • Design instructional materials and courses.
  • Support the efforts of faculty, administration, IT, and others to achieve better student learning.
  • Teach instructors to leverage technology and implement pedagogy and andragogy effectively.
  • Assist instructors when they run into technical or instructional challenges

Our services are available to all instructors within the College of Engineering. We are available for collaboration throughout the year, at any point in the semester. Whether your need is big or small, we would love to help. Think of us as course-design coaches and tech-savvy cheerleaders who are here to support instructors so they can feel inspired about their teaching.

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Digital Innovation and Media Studio
A studio space for the faculty and staff of the College of Engineering

Success Stories

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“Working with ETS has been instrumental to the success of creating our brand new online asynchronous course “Designing the Future” here at Ohio State.  Jessi and her team told us to “Trust the process” and we did!!  They led us step by step to create the course & videos that communicate to the students as well as the knowledge assessments needed to ensure content absorption. Without ETS’s guidance I honestly don’t know how we could have added this course to the network for ongoing education.  Thanks so much to the ETS team and Jessi in particular for their guidance and expertise!!”        --Frank Paluchi

Digital Innovation and Media Studio

The studio and its services are available to faculty and staff of the College of Engineering. For access to the studio/services, contact Austin Cush ( Take a virtual tour of the studio space.

Digital Photography/Portrait Photography

Photo of setting up video camera for shoot

Film and Videography (DSLR & Sony4k)

  • Instructional Film
  • Video Module creation 
  • Interviews
  • Shorts/Skits
  • Post film editing in Adobe Premiere

Photo of studio lighting apparatus

Professional lighting elements

  • Full range of multifunctional studio lights for professional quality film work
  • Manuel Controllers that offer a wide variety of lighting options 

    Photo of a podcast recording

    Audio Recording Apparatuses

    • Studio Microphone 
    • Mounted Shotgun Mics 
    • Yeti Microphone 
    • Annotation, voice over, professional film audio 
    • Post audio editing using adobe audition

    Photo of professional sound mixer

    Microsoft Surface

    • On screen drawing/Illustration
    • PowerPoint Narrations
    • Design capabilities 
    • Epic Pen 

    Photo of designer drawing on Surface Studio Pro

    AR/VR Station

    • Potential for designing and drafting in VR environments 
    • Viewing VR designed materials through AR environments

    Photograph of writing on lightboard

    Light Board 

    • Instructional Videos
    • Modules for Carmen 
    • Online lectures 

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