"An instructional designer is like an engineer.  Both plan their work based upon principles that have been successful in the past--the engineer on laws of physics, and the designer on basic principles of instruction and learning."

-Patricia L. Smill & Tillman J. Raglan

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We enhance teaching and learning within the College of Engineering to help advance the college's overall vision of preparing professionals ready to sustain and advance society.

What we do.

The ETS Instructional Design Office focuses on enhancing the transfer of learning through multiple lenses.  Using widely accepted pedagogical theories, cutting-edge technologies, and experts in the field, it endeavors to enhance the constantly evolving culture of adult learning.

What is Instructional Design?

Instructional Design is the logical and structured approach to the process of developing, delivering, and evaluating instruction and instructional materials.  It enhances teaching and learning by promoting proven practices that improve student outcomes.

Instructional Designers:

  • Provide academic consultations to review and update courses that are delivered in a variety of delivery formats, including traditional, hybrid, and online.
  • Provide first-level guidance on digital accessibility and copyright requirements.
  • Promote online learning, when appropriate.
  • Leverage pedagogy to engage technology in a meaningful way.



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