Instructional Design Services

"An instructional designer is like an engineer. Both plan their work based upon principles that have been successful in the past--the engineer on laws of physics, and the designer on basic principles of instruction and learning."

-Patricia L. Smill & Tillman J. Raglan
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What do Instructional Designers do?

  • Design instructional materials and courses.
  • Support the efforts of faculty, administration, IT, and others to achieve better student learning.
  • Teach instructors to leverage technology and implement pedagogy and andragogy effectively.
  • Assist instructors when they run into technical or instructional challenges

Our services are available to all instructors within the College of Engineering. We are available for collaboration throughout the year, at any point in the semester. Whether your need is big or small, we would love to help. Think of us as course-design coaches and tech-savvy cheerleaders who are here to support instructors so they can feel inspired about their teaching.

Examples of Our Services

  • New course design (online, hybrid, or in-person)
  • Redesign of existing courses
  • Assistance with building syllabi, assignments, assessments, announcements, modules, and discussion forums
  • H5P activity development
  • Creating a grading setup
  • Assistance/training with educational technology including but not limited to: Canvas, Zoom, Teams, Office 365, and Citrix.
  • Developing course mapping/alignment and learning outcomes for students
  • Sharing best practices to enhance students' learning experience
  • Preparation and logistics of course design and development, including redesigning of a course for a new/different modality.
  • Development of department specific branded CarmenCanvas Template

Contact Us

Phone: (614) 688-2828


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  M-F 9:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M.
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M-F 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.

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