OSU-owned Computers

College of Engineering Faculty, Staff, and Researcher computers

ETS has a number of standard desktops and laptops that they suggest. Please create a ticket to begin discussions. 

College of Engineering Academic Computing Labs

There are nearly 100 computing labs across the college that are managed by ETS. There is at least one lab in every Engineering building on campus. All the hardware in those labs run the latest Window OS. Depending on the department and the age of the computer,

  • Disk sizes vary from 256GB to 1 TB. The greater the disk size the newer the model. 
  • Memory sizes vary between 16 GB and 32 GB
  • There are primarily 2 lines of cpus
    • Intel iCore 5 through iCore 7
    • Intel Xeon 3.5 GHz (x4) to Xeon E5 3.6 GHz (x4)
  • Graphics cards are either AMD Radeon or NVIDIA
    • NVIDIA cards include GeForce (primarily used in CSE and found in gaming laptops) and Quadros (more expensive, and more powerful, more reliable and more feature rich)


The university provides iPads to all incoming freshmen. While they are not conducive to many engineering applications, they can be used to remotely connect to ETS's Citrix environment. Search the http://wiki.engineering.osu.edu for either iPads or Citrix.

Personal Devices

All engineering students are encouraged (not required) to purchase their own personal devices. These can range from desktops to laptops. Laptops are more portable and more expensive than desktops. TechHub, located in the Tuttle Parking Garage, is the retail tech store on campus. In-person support for personal devices is available in the Thomson Library and also at techHUB. 

Specifications for personal devices
  Minimum Ideal
Disk 256GB 1TB
Memory 16GB 32GB
CPUs Intel iCore5 or Xeon 3.5 GHz Intel iCore7 or Xeon 3.6 GHz
Graphics Nvidia GeForce Nvidia Quadro

Students pursuing an engineering degree may prefer an Apple computer such as an iMac or MacBook Pro having an OS X operating system. Some of the software available to OSU engineering students for personal use is not directly compatible with OS X (e.g., Solidworks). However, like the iPads, they can be used to remotely connect to ETS's Citrix environment or remote computers in the academic computing labs.

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