Taxonomy is the name of Drupal 8’s tagging system. Creating content with vocabulary and taxonomy terms allows a site manager or content reviewer to filter content with like terms.

ETS configured 2 versions of tagging:

  • Freeform metatag
    • Any roll on any content type can add this.
    • Add at time of content creation.
  • Internal category
    • Only site managers and content reviewers can add internal categories through the structure menu.
    • Any role can apply them to any content.

To edit taxonomy, navigate to the structure tab, then click taxonomy. 

taxonomy link in drupal

Click “List terms” to create, delete, or display terms

You must add a name when creating a new term. You may also add a description of the term. Under the “Relations” tab, you can nest parent or child terms, or leave the default term. The weight number is required, but will default to 0.

You may also create a custom URL which will aggregate the content  of your term to this URL.

If you want to create a term without publishing it, deselect the “Publish” checkbox.

To delete a vocabulary term, return to the “Taxonomy” page under the “Structure” tab. Select “list terms” for either “internal category” or “metatag”. Then, click “delete”.

The process for creating and deleting freeform meta tags is the same as the process for creating and deleting internal categories. However, you can add a freeform metatag to any piece of content through the content creation or editing menus. 


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