Site Information

Under the “Site Info” menu item, you can select from:

  • Site Information
  • Footer Info
  • Custom Settings
  • Directory Configuration


Site Information

Here, you can edit the site name prefix, site name, the primary contact for the site, and copyright holder of the site.


Footer Info

This section is used to edit the information at the bottom of every page. Here, you can edit the contact information at the bottom of your page.

The footer block allows you to add more information regarding your site. You can also add social media links in this section.


Custom Settings

This section allows you to edit information regarding the front page, default sidebars, and News/Blog.

In the “Site Functionality” field, you can designate the URL or internal path of the front page.

In the “Default Sidebar” fields, you can add a title and content for the sidebars on your site.

Under the “News Functionality” section, you can choose if your news page’s URL ends in /news or /blog


Directory Configuration

Here, you can tag and sync “People” content. You can add an optional directory header text in the text editor. You can select the check box if you want to display the employee classification types on the main page of the directory. 

The default classifications are:

  • Emeritus
  • Faculty
  • Lecturer
  • Staff

The first button under the text editor allows you to manage your directory categories. For an in-depth explanation of using tagging in Drupal 8, see the “Taxonomy” tutorial page.

The second button allows you to add departments or people from In the “Select Department” field, you can search for your department or center. Move your selection to the section on the right by clicking it. All people in this selection will now sync to your site.

You can also search for people by their Name.#. You can choose to omit people through a list of excluded names. Remember to click the save button once you have finished.

The last button allows you to synchronize the content of the people you have selected. If you do not press this button, the content will automatically be synced by the website at an hourly interval.

You can review your directory by typing the name of your domain, followed by “/directory”.

After creating the tagging and syncing content, you will need to add the tags to each person's profile by selecting their profile and choosing the “Categorize” button. You may add as many terms as you would like. To add a term, search for a previously configured term and add it to the person’s profile. Remember to click the save button. 

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