Site Managers have access to the reporting structure of their site. You can find different types of reports under the “reports” tab of the main menu. Below is a description each option’s purpose.

Most popular content

This report allows you to inspect the pages and content that have attracted the most views. You can filter on the title of the content, the most recent views, and today’s views. For a more in-depth review of your site's traffic please contact university marketing for Google 360 information.

Top ‘Access Denied’ Errors

This report allows you to look at what traffic is attempting to access restricted areas of your site.

Top ‘Page Not Found’ Errors

This report will tell you if you have traffic for content that has moved on your site. You may decide to create forwarding or URL aliases to correct these errors.

Top Search Phrases

This report allows you to inspect the type of information your site visitors are looking for and amend your content to better fit these searches.

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