Managing People on a Drupal Site (Roles)

The people tab of the main menu permits your administration of roles on your site. This is a stock Drupal naming convention and does not relate to the administration of people content originating from

People without an assigned role on your site will be diverted to a page stating that they do not have authorization to log into the site. You will need to create a user and a role for anyone that needs to administrate your site.

  • To assign a user to a role, click on the “People” tab of the administration menu. This page shows all previously created users and their roles.
  • Select the add user button to add a new user. You will need to provide the OSU email account of the person who needs access.
  • Next, provide a role and select “create” to create the new user account. Once the client logs in, they will have access to the role you have assigned them.

To change a person’s role, select the “edit” button. Then you can select a new role. Once a person leaves the university, you should delete them from your site. You can do this by choosing “edit” on the row of their name. Once on the person's page, you can cancel the account.



There are a few different roles in Drupal. The available roles include: Content Author, Content Reviewer, and Site Manager. You can use the links below to learn more about your role.

Content Author

As a content author, you are able to create content and edit menus. You are only able to edit content you have previously created, and you are not able to publish content from others. Only site managers and content reviewers can publish and edit others’ content. You also are not able to revert to prior revisions of content.

Content Reviewer

The content reviewer role is configured to allow higher access than a content author, but less access than a site manager. As a content reviewer, you have the same access as a content author, but with the added permissions of editing taxonomy and menu structure. You can also edit, delete, and publish or unpublish content created by others. You may revise or delete any content you have created on your site.

Site Manager

Site managers have access to everything on the ETS Web Services' configuration of Drupal 8. As a site manager, you have the same permissions as both the content author and content reviewer roles, as well as the ability to add and delete people with roles on the site, edit site information, and interact with reporting. If ETS Web Services receives a request for editing access on your site, your contact information will be given to the requester.

As a site manager, you have the following permissions through the main menu:

  • Create and curate any content
  • Have access to layout builder on all content
  • Create, update, and delete any menu or taxonomy under the structure menu item
  • Manage URL aliases, URL redirects, and the people directory synchronization under the configuration tab

The "People" menu item allows you to add one of the three roles to people you have added to your site.

The "Reports" menu item allows you to review activity on your site through pre-configured recording.

The "Site Information" menu item permits the administration of contact information, footer information, default front page and sidebar settings, and the synchronization of "People" profiles.

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