Directory Configuration

These instructions are for Site Managers only. The directory only includes College of Engineering personnel from OSU Human Resources data. Engineering Web Services cannot make changes to this information. Please contact your HR representative if a change is required. 

1. Choose the Configuration tab from the administrator menu.

2. Under Web Services choose the People Sync selection.

3. The first section permits the selection of departments, units, or centers. Click on the name of the selection to add it to the right-side box. To deselect, click the name of the selection to return it to the left-side box.

4. The Select People section allows you to add anyone in the college to your site. For instance, if your department is BME and you would like to include a person from CBE you can search for them by name or name.number. Search for the name of the person and choose add and they will be added to the list of people. To remove, select remove.

5. Under Other Options, you can exclude people by entering their name.number. By default the directory does not include GRA's, GTA's, GAA's, or Fellows. You have the option to include them by these check boxes.

6. In the Directory Configuration section you many enter text, links, or media in the editor that will appear on the top of your directory page. 

You can select the check box if you want to display the employee classification types on the main page of the directory. 

The default classifications are:

  • Emeritus
  • Faculty
  • Lecturer
  • Staff

7. You can review your directory page by entering your domain, followed by “/directory”. E.G.

8. After creating the tags and syncing the profiles, you will need to add the tags to each person's profile by selecting their profile and choosing the “Categorize” button. You may add as many terms as you would like. To add a term, search for a previously configured term and add it to the person’s profile. Remember to click the save button. 

9. To apply your changes, select Save configuration. To discard changes select the back button in your browser. The website updates profile data at an hourly interval.

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