Rich Content Editor

You’ll have access to the rich content editor in the body of each content type as well as through the layout builder. Access to the rich content editor will be the same in each content type and custom block. The text editor can be found under the body field of the page “content type”. It consists of a menu of text manipulation options, link anchoring, table creation, and media importation. You can then enter text through the usual text editor options.

Editor Toolbar with numbered sections
  1. B: Bold text, IItalicize text, U: Underline text, x2Insert subscript text, x2: Insert superscript text, SStrike through text,  Ω: Insert symbol.
  2. Left align, center align, right align, or justify text
  3. Insert bulleted lists or numbered lists, or increase or decrease the indent.
  4. Insert a block quote
  5. Link or unlink selected text, create anchor links
  6. Insert a horizontal line or a table
  7. View HTML source
  8. Insert media
  9. Undo or redo text edits
  10. Change paragraph format
  11. Change text style
  12. Add extra content, such as accordions
  13. Remove text formats
  14. Maximize text editor size


The chain link icon allows you to link from text or media. Drupal 8 uses an auto look up to find content by title. Using this feature requires that you know the title of the content,  as it will return results based on your input. For best results, enter more than 3 characters to find your content. Once you click on the title of your desired content the Drupal naming convention for Media or content will be applied. You can also enter text to add information in the hover over part of the link.


Anchor links allow users to jump to sections of the page. To create one, you may choose any text on the page and select the flag icon and name the anchor ID. The anchor name should be something short and easy to remember. You should also avoid using spaces or symbols in the anchor name. 


Near the “source” button, you can edit the HTML in your Rich content editor session. You may also add a horizontal line for demarcation in your pages structure.


You can create tables of information by using the “table” button. You can add headers from a list of options. You can also add media, text, and links to the rows. 


The “paragraph” format drop-down allows you to apply HTML tags to your text. 


The “styles” drop-down allows you to add pre-configured CSS styling to your text. This will remove formatting from the “paragraph” and “styles” dropdowns.


The final icon allows you to add media to your page from the media library. Please see the section titles “Media Library” for more information.

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