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The best method to upload and review media is through the rich content editor’s Media Library link. You can find this editor on any content type, event, page, or news, as well as in many custom blocks. Once in the content editor, select the last icon. This is the “insert media from library” link.

The rich content editor is shown. It has icons aligned along the top of the text area. The rightmost icon is highlighted to show the media library icon.

On the left, there is a list of media types allowed by Drupal. The media types Drupal allows are images, audio files, documents, and remote videos.

The media editor displays a list of options on the left. These options are: Image, Audio File, Documents, and Remote video. At the top of the menu, a brows button is shown. In the middle, a list of images is provided. At the bottom of the menu, the blue "insert selected" button is shown.

The image interface allows you to upload a file from your computer. Click "browse" and select an image from your computer, or select the media window.

There are two required fields. The alternative text field allows screen readers to relay the contents of your image to those who require it, so please be as descriptive as possible. To learn more about creating good alternative text, visit the Digital Accessibility Alternative Text Guide. The next required field, the name field, will auto-populate from the upload.

On the left, three textbox are shown in a column. The first text box is labeled "Alternative Text" with a red star, denoting that it is a required field. The secod text box is labeled "Title". The third text box is labeled "Name" with with a red star, denoting that it is a required field. On the right, the uploaded image is displayed with a movable crosshair overlayed on top of it.

The image preview has a crosshair which allows you to mark a focal point on the image. This allows Drupal to auto-crop images when they are used in other fields, i.e. a thumbnail in a news item. Adding a focal point to your image is not required, but can be useful if you choose to reuse your image often.

Press save once you are satisfied with your selections.


Media can be further configured through the "Edit Media" button. Through this button, you can:

  • edit the alternative text
  • align the image
  • change the size of an existing image. 

To do this, select the "Insert for Media Library" button, then select the image


To delete your uploaded image, return to the content or custom block, click on the image, and press the delete key on your keyboard. You can then revisit the media library and insert another image into the rich content editor. 

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