Content Control

Each content type contains a page control menu. After choosing which content type you would like to create, you will see the page control menu on the right, next to the rich text editor.

Menu Settings

Menu settings allows you to provide a menu link. After clicking the checkbox, you can provide a title and description to your menu link. You can also choose your link's parent link. Finally, you can use the menu's weight section to choose where your link should be displayed.

URL Alias

To create a custom alias, uncheck the checkbox in this section. Below, you will be able to create a custom alias.

Access Control

Here, you can choose which content authors have access to edit your page. Remember to separate each name with a comma.

Authoring Information

This section allows you to change who authored the page. You can also change the date and time the page was authored.

Promotion Options

Using this section, you can choose how you want to promote your page.

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