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All Faculty, Staff, GAs and PhD candidates in the college are provided with a profile for College of Engineering websites. With the exception of HR related information (such as name and title), profile owners have control over the content of these profiles, and are encouraged to use them as a professional presence. These profiles are authored and managed through the main profile website, People @Ohio State Engineering. These profiles are then mirrored on the main websites and on departments and centers, helping to boost their owners web visibility and promote them and their work here at the college. Note: Changes may take up to 24 hours to reflect on your profile on mirrored sites.

This guide is meant for profile owners to help them edit their profiles. If you are new to the college, or to its profiling system, you are in the right place. 

If you have any questions about profiles, please open a support ticket to Web Services directly via the ETS portal, or by contacting the ETS Service Desk using the contact information in the sidebar or footer.

Ensuring accessibility

The College's Drupal installation takes care of a lot of accessibility for you, and provides many built in features to help you ensure that your content is accessible to all visitors. Please see our guide on Drupal Accessibility Features for more information about how to use these features, as well as advice on best accessibility practices.

Getting To Your Profile

Navigate to

In the top right corner of the header there is a log in link.

header showing log in button

There is also a log in link at the right corner of the footer.

footer showing log in button

You are presented with the OSU SSO log in screen.

Once you are logged in, the landing page presents your name. Click on that link to access your profile.

profile landing page

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Editing Your Profile

Once you are on your profile page,  you will see the following menu:

log in menu

Choose the Edit Profile button.

This link takes you to the edit profile form.

Review your profile information. The following fields are not editable:

First Name
Last Name

The following information is provided by the Human Resources system. If you notice errors:

Note: Changes may take up to 24 hours to reflect on your profile.

The following fields are editable:

Info Box, in which you can upload a portrait image, a downloadable CV, link to external website. And there are two fields for biography and expertise. You can record the pronunciation of your name, in the name coach widget. All are optional.


Select the add media button and this launches a file upload window. You can choose a file from your local computer or use one previously uploaded to the media library. Note the limitations for the file upload.

One file only.
8 MB limit.
Allowed types: png gif jpg jpeg.
Images must be larger than 200x200 pixels. Images larger than 2880x2880 pixels will be resized.

Choose insert selected to upload the image to you profile.

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Downloadable CV

Choose a file from your local computer or a file that was previously uploaded to the media library.

Note the limitation of the upload:

One file only.
20 MB limit.
Allowed types: txt pdf doc docx.

Choose insert selected to upload the CV to your profile.or

You can edit the field named Downloadable CV button label, to change the name of the button that will link to your CV. Note the limitations.


Text showing cv upload

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External Website Links

You can link to as many as five websites by entering the link and the title in the following fields:

example of external website links and title fields

 You can use the cross arrow icon to move a link's display order.

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Biography and Expertise

Rich Content Editor

These two fields are edited in the same manner, through a Rich Content Editor.  It consists of a menu of text manipulation options, link anchoring, table creation, and media importation. You can then enter text through the usual text editor options.

Editor Toolbar with numbered sections

  1. B: Bold text, IItalicize text, U: Underline text, x2Insert subscript text, x2: Insert superscript text, SStrike through text,  Ω: Insert symbol.
  2. Left align, center align, right align, or justify text
  3. Insert bulleted lists or numbered lists, or increase or decrease the indent.
  4. Insert a block quote
  5. Link or unlink selected text, create anchor links
  6. Insert a horizontal line or a table
  7. View HTML source
  8. Insert media
  9. Undo or redo text edits
  10. Change paragraph format
  11. Change text style
  12. Add extra content, such as accordions
  13. Remove text formats
  14. Maximize text editor size

The chain link icon allows you to link from text or media. Drupal uses an auto look up to find content by title. Using this feature requires that you know the title of the content,  as it will return results based on your input. For best results, enter more than 3 characters to find your content. Once you click on the title of your desired content the Drupal naming convention for Media or content will be applied. You can also enter text to add information in the hover over part of the link.

Anchor links allow users to jump to sections of the page. To create one, you may choose any text on the page and select the flag icon and name the anchor ID. The anchor name should be something short and easy to remember. You should also avoid using spaces or symbols in the anchor name. 

Near the “source” button, you can edit the HTML in your Rich content editor session. You may also add a horizontal line for demarcation in your pages structure.

You can create tables of information by using the “table” button. You can add headers from a list of options. You can also add media, text, and links to the rows. 

The “paragraph” format drop-down allows you to apply HTML tags to your text. 

The “styles” drop-down allows you to add CSS styling to your text. This will remove formatting from the “paragraph” and “styles” dropdowns.

The "extras" button allows adding accordions to your content, see below.

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In Line Accordions

We also provide an option of laying out your content in an in line accordion. This option allows the presentation of large amounts of content to appear in collapsible boxes. 

To add an accordion to the rich content editor:

Choose the extras button in the menu, and select accordions.

A pop-up window displays configuration options with basic and advanced tabs. Note, a title is required.

accordion pop up
accordion pop up advanced

The above images are the options for basic and advanced settings. Leave as the defaults or customize as you see fit.

Once you have chosen the ok button, the Rich Content Editor now has the editing field for the accordion.

accordion editing bay


Delete the "accordion content goes here" text and input your content in the accordion field. You can input content with all of the Rich Content Editor's options. Choose the pen icon on the upper left to return to the accordion options pop-up window or the x icon to delete the accordion. 

You may add more accordions by placing the cursor outside of the 1st accordion's editing window and selecting extras and accordions again. Once you have created the content in the accordion it will be saved when you save your profile editing page.

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Managing Media

The Manage Media button on the profile menu allows you (and no other user of the site, except proxy accounts) to update, access, and delete your media from your profile. Upon selecting the manage media button, you will see this editing window:

manage media window

This window presents all media content that was previously uploaded. You can search for content by published state, name, or media type. The Action drop down allows you to delete, publish, save, or unpublish media. To add new media you will need to use the Rich Content Editor's add media button in the Expertise or Biography fields. 

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Profile Editors

If you would like to grant access to another member of the college to edit your profile, you can add any other profile owner on the site. Special access can be granted to other people with OSU accounts via request to the ETS Helpdesk.

Designating Profile Editors

Once logged into your profile editing page, you will find a box titled Profile Editors.

In that field you can search for the person by name dot number. Select that person's email when it appears. If you require multiple people, use a comma in between their emails. To delete a person select their email address and delete from the field.

profile editor box

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Link Checker

In the main menu of your profile landing page, there is a Link Checker button. Once on that page, press the Check Now button. Running this check will create a report on all external URL's on your profile. If the report screen is empty, that means all links are valid. The following screen shot is an example of a 404 response, meaning page does not exist on the web server. 

link checker example

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Name Coach

The University has provided a web service that allows you to record the pronunciation of your name, and to clarify your pronouns. After recording your name, you can re-record your name at anytime. To add your name and pronouns, click on the Open Name Coach Widget button. 

name coach profile box

Once you are at the tool, you can select web recorder to use your computer's microphone or enter your phone number to receive a phone call to record your name. 

N.B. The web recorder will only function in the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

name coach editing box

Your email, first, and last name will auto populate. You can add the phonetic spelling of your name. You can add your preferred pronouns. And then you can choose between the web recorder or the phone. Once your name is recorded, press the play button to hear it. If your recording is unsatisfactory, press the record button again to re-record. When you are ready to save, scroll to the bottom of the box and press submit changes. 

Once you are back at your profile page, you can choose which of the three fields from name coach to display on your profile by using the check box in the Name Coach box.

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Saving your profile

Once you are satisfied with your edits, scroll to the bottom of the page and select save. You may also cancel the current editing session through the cancel button. 

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