Carmen Canvas Accessibility Guides

Here you will find two guides on Carmen Canvas Accessibility. Please refer to these guides as you are navigating course creation in Carmen. 

Improve Accessibility with the Carmen Rich Content Editor (a guide from OTDI)

General Accessibility Guidelines for Carmen from Instructure 


Guidelines for Designing a Course in Carmen Learning Management System (LMS)

Do's Don't's Why  Notes
Use a provided course shell template, including the fonts and color. Create a course without using the provided template or changing to different fronts. The template offers a heading structure tested for accessibility, enabling efficient access.  
Ensure all PDF (Portable Document Format) readings are locatable and downloadable. Use scanned images (e.g., A scanned page(s) from a book or printed document(s).) Unsupported formats lead to inaccessible files.  
Provide appropriate alternative text or text description for images, graphs, and charts (e.g., PowerPoint slides and within the LMS.) Use images without alternative text to provide the image descriptions. Alternative text allows screen readers to convey the meaning and context of the provided visual images. The screen reader is a digital tool to aid visually impaired users when an image fails to load on the page.  
Ensure all the videos have closed captions and the player control is turned on. Include a transcript for an audio-only file. Use videos without captions. Captions aid viewers in noisy environments without sound and improve comprehension for language learners or those who need fluency in the video's language.  
Use Built-in Accessibility Checkers Use files (e.g., MS Word and PowerPoint) without running the checker All Microsoft products have an Accessibility Checker to support the diverse users’ needs.  
Use Carmen Accessibility Checker Publish content (e.g., assignment and discussion prompts) without running the checker. Carman Canvas offers an in-built accessibility checker for the Rich Content Editor to support diverse users’ needs.  

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