Accessibility Request and Complaint Process


To request an accessibility accommodation for a student or staff follow the process listed below:

  1. Requester creates ticket on the ETS website. The ticket goes to ETS Digital Accessibility Coordinator (DAC). (ticket tracking begins here) Responses to tickets have a one business day turnaround time.
  2. If the ticket is a request for accommodations, the DAC will respond appropriately and notify the Digital Accessibility Services (DAS) Center (614-292-1760) within one business day.
    1. Materials should be made accessible within 10 business days. The requester can work with the DAC and others to make materials accessible.
    2. The requester should make a valiant effort to make the materials accessible. If materials cannot be made accessible within 10 days, a discussion between DAS, the DAC and the requester will be scheduled. 


All accessibility complaints must be filed with the DAS Center following the process outlined below:

  1. If the ticket is a complaint, the DAC must complete a Digital Accessibility Complaint Form AND call the DAS Center (614-292-1760) within one business day.
  2. Close out/ Resolve ticket once request is made accessible or complaint form is filed.

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