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The curb cut effect, when we design for disabilities we make things better for everyone
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What is Digital Accessibility?

Digital Accessibility is the process of making digital products, such as websites, apps, online learning content, and any other online tools, accessible to all people regardless of ability or disability. 

Why is Digital Accessibility Important? 

Digital Accessibility is not just legal, and University, policy, it is a best practice and "the right thing to do." 

What is The Ohio State University's policy for Digital Accessibility?

Ohio State University is "committed to diversity and fostering a campus culture of full inclusion of people with disabilities by ensuring that all university constituencies can access its digital information and digital services." To read the University's full policy, please visit the Digital Accessibility Services website

Digital Accessibility Coordinator for the College of Engineering

Ashley Bricker is the Digital Accessibility Coordinator for our college. To learn more about Ashley, please visit her profile page

Want to learn more? 

Recommended training on BuckeyeLearn:

Accessibility Fundamentals: Disability Etiquette Basics 

Digital Accessibility Coordinator for the College of Engineering

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